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The foundation of Emotional Resilience

Our most popular, transformational courses for children


Feel EMPOWERED to help your children shine with confidence!

It’s time to empower your child with real-life skills to achieve emotional resilience 
and the life-long gift of true, heartfelt confidence.  

Self Confidence & Emotional Resilience strategies for children

Does your heart crack a little when you glimpse your precious, sensitive one holding back from life because they are filled with self doubt and worry?

Maybe your kind-hearted one doesn’t feel confident to stand up for themselves and takes things personally in friendships.

Do you worry how they cope emotionally with school, friendships and the ups & downs of life, because they FEEL so much!

You’re probably tired and sad too, from mopping up the tears as they fall apart again after another rough day at school.


Would you like your children to:



Communicate Effectively


Understand & Manage Their Feelings


Make and Keep Good FRIENDS


Develop a Plan To Deal With Problems


Feel Confident & Be Assertive


Learn The Calming Down Steps

If you answered YES to some of these, then we are here to help you!

Our coaches, TEACH YOUR KIDS the exact skills and strategies to help them become happy, calm and confident.


Our 4 Week Program


You know your child needs some help (socially, with confidence or emotionally), but you feel out of your depth to help your child feel happy and confident.

Put your mind at ease, together we will get results as we improve the emotional well-being of your children.

Available wherever you live with our LIVE ONLINE workshops.

If you’ve been “trying all the right things” and it’s just not working,

we have your solution!

I would not hesitate in recommending the Connected Workshops to parents who feel that there is something going on with a child and are unsure how to handle it.

My daughter was engaged and enjoyed communicating to me all that she had learned.


I saw tonight he stopped himself from getting angry with sister, and walked away talking to himself… an amazing step for him. I was so excited!

Karen has an amazing passion in helping children navigate through life and to learn these skills will ultimately make them special adults. She has an easy style creating great rapport with the children.

Highly recommend this program for all children! 


Karen has a beautiful nature and puts the children at ease along with an outstanding knowledge and coursework to draw the child out of themselves and push themselves forward.


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