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My daughter did a 4 week social and emotional learning workshop through Connected Education and loved it. She got so much out of the course and as the weeks went on her confidence and speaking up during the sessions grew. I loved the way Karen interacted with the children and was able to keep them entertained while learning in a fun and easy to understand way. My daughter refers to the handout Karen gave her and it has helped her manage her emotions. I cannot recommend this course enough. It exceeded my expectations.

Samantha L

Karen has a beautiful nature and puts the children at ease along with an outstanding knowledge and coursework to draw the child out of themselves and push themselves forward.


Kisha and Eva really enjoyed the 2 day workshop with Karen from Connected Education in the school holidays. They learnt a lot, it is definitely worth the investment in your child’s emotional education and development. I’m sure they will be keen to hang out with Karen again in Baldivis.

Stacey K

I believe the courses and zoom class has worked – improving my daughter’s confidence and addressing the fears that would paralyze her socially. There have been noticeable and positive changes in her interaction with her school mates as with her engagement in class.

Karina R

As a member of a defence family, my daughter has experienced a lot of change in her short life and the 5-8 year old workshop was a great opportunity for my daughter to learn to better communicate her feelings with others. She ended the workshop confidently singing with her new friends to the families gathered, a task with which she usually struggles. This workshop is perfect for the child who could benefit from some emotional resilience but learns better from someone other than primary caregivers.

Wini C

Evan has made some great progress with things we as parents often take for granted. He now has the confidence to make eye contact, greet people appropriately and self regulate his emotions. Would definitely recommend Karen.


My daughter has always had a good understanding of feelings, but she now has new language to express herself… words to use within the family home and with friends. The foundation of everything is emotional regulation, social connection, and confidence of self… so thank you Karen for teaching our children how to walk more confidently as themselves day to day!!

Sarah B

Thank you, Karen, for everything you do.

We were first introduced to you via your in-person workshops and this has then lead into joining your Connected Kids Academy. Karen, you take such care with every child like they were your own, making each one feel special. This has made a BIG different to Neisha. She is often doing something and comes out with “this is what Karen said to do”. You’re having an impact on what she does. Thank you for raising her self confidence up, so she can be the best version of herself.

Laura R

Our daughter was hesitant before going as had been struggling with dealing with challenging behaviours from other people but once she began she was excited to go back & gained confidence each week to identify her feelings & how to begin to work through difficult or challenging situations & people. Karen has been fantastic she is approachable & communicates effectively to parents & child. Highly recommend.

Carly W

Just complete a four week course on life skills and resilience with my 10 yr old grandson. Karen has an amazing passion in helping children navigate through life and to learn these skills will ultimately make them special adults. She has an easy style creating great rapport with the children. Highly recommend this program for all children!

Thank you Karen.


My son Riley really enjoyed this course! I cant remember ever seeing a teacher give him this much eye contact, which he loves! He has now learnt what steps to take to help him with speaking up & being assertive & verbalising how he’s feeling with strengthening his passive voice. We didn’t even make it out the door on the first lesson without him stating I love this course, Karen is nice. Thank you Karen, its refreshing to have new emotional skills for him, which is really missing in todays education. To be acknowledged that it really is tough to speak up & be assertive for some personalities more than others & that others find it tricky too. He will be able to practice these steps more as he identifies his feelings & gains more confidence.

Naomi N

Karen is gentle and engaging. She makes learning about emotions and communication so much fun my 4 year old keeps asking me if she can go back to emotions class. Highly recommend Karen and her program.

Sam D

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