Finding True Friendship

Friendship Success for Sensitive Kids

4 Week LIVE Kids Workshop

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4 Week Workshop

Weekly Live Online Sessions

Ages 6-9, 10-12 & Teens


Expertly guided in our safe & supportive group over 4 transformational weeks …

True friendship 3 little girls who are friends


Navigating friendships can be challenging for some children. It’s tough to watch children struggle with friendships, being treated unfairly by their peers, feeling left out or finding it hard to join in.

It doesn’t mean there is anything “wrong” with THEM- they just need some targeted guidance and support!

We teach the EXACT skills they need to thrive socially and emotionally. They learn tools needed to confidently navigate friendship.

Your child will:

Learn what REAL friendship means so they find the genuine friendships they deserve

Get clear on their friendship boundaries so they can communicate effectively how they DO and DON’T want to be treated

✅ Roleplay and develop problem solving skills so they know how to handle the ups and downs of real life situations

Build confidence so they feel ready to make new friends.

Our 4 Week Workshop REALLY works for sensitive kids!

Gemma had started at a new school, but hadn’t found her people yet – we helped her with strategies of where to look, how to gradually build friendships and start conversations.

She now has a beautiful circle of friends she sits with everyday and they have just started spending time together out of school too!


Josh felt heart broken when he had found out that he was the only friend in his group who hadn’t been invited to a birthday party – we built his confidence up so he realised that he deserved friends who include him and who are kind

– He has started playing with kids he knew from the previous year and has made new friends with the kids down the street too! 


Madi had been in a group of friends for years, but didn’t like the gossiping and manipulation that was going on in the group – we helped her to set her boundaries and practice so she could communicate them assertively

– Most of her friends agreed with her when she spoke up and the one person causing the trouble moved on to a different group, they are ALL happier and calmer now


Riley wasn’t fitting in with the boys playing footy on the oval – we helped him to work out what he was looking for in a friendship and find friends suited to him

– Now Riley hangs out with his bestie playing handball and drawing Pokemons

The groups that Kaz runs with my daughter have been one of the best things we have done. My daughter only wanted to try one session and then see how she went. That one session was all it took for my daughter to feel comfortable.

It’s lovely hearing her open up and chatting to other members with what’s bothering her. Things that in the past would just build up and then she would have a massive meltdown.

These sessions are worth their weight in gold!!!


I thought I had tried everything and in my view it wasn’t working. I needed validation that what he experiences is completely normal, that he’s not alone in this.

I was looking for some strategies and plans, the tips and tricks and tools ended up being very helpful for me to know because then I could say “remember what Kaz said or showed you, she said… why don’t we practice that tool together”.

I really liked the idea of being able to do it over zoom rather than having to travel, living in a regional town, the Zoom format sold it for me.

He bounces around and says “Tomorrow I’ve got Kaz”. It’s very positive. There’s only been good things really.

I don’t have sleepless nights any more, I’m not constantly researching. There’s a lot more peace of mind and you can’t really put a price on that kind of thing.


I was worried at his confidence at school, I didn’t want it to reach the point of him not wanting to go.

I love that Kaz goes through all the emotions with the kids, that it’s not just about being happy, she explains them all and lets them know they are all ok.

The kids love doing the activities! They are so engaged when they do the games and activities.

This has made a massive difference to my boy, everything is coming together and he can express himself.


Let’s be honest, kid’s friendships can sometimes feel like a rollercoaster, leaving you unsure of what to say or do to truly lift them out of their troubles and bring back their happiness.


But your child’s friendship dramas just keep coming up!

I get it.

You feel awkward, frustrated by your child’s friends, and exhausted from feeling like nothing works & you’re out there doing it all on your own.

You wish it was easier! 


Here’s the thing: our approach is different! We truly understand what your child is going through. We’re not here to tell them to toughen up or be friends with everyone.

We work with YOUR CHILD and their PERSONALITY.

Scroll this way for the answer to your wish…

This Connected Kids Workshop is specifically designed for kind hearted, sensitive kids who feel overwhelmed by their friendships.  

It is an engaging and interactive program that equips children with the necessary skills to effectively make and keep positive friendships.

Connected Kids Workshop

LIVE online coaching program for kids

Gives you access to dedicated, premium quality emotional and self regulation coaching for your child that is effective, convenient & affordable!


“I’m so glad we found you! Thanks for always being there for our girl, it’s been our saving grace!”

Anger Management for kids

This is for you:

Listen mama…

»» This CAN & WILL make all the difference.

You don’t have to feel frustrated, unprepared or overwhelmed any more.

»» We take away all the uncertainty, so your child receives the exact coaching in skills they need in precisely the right way to suit their gentle nature.

And the best part? You don’t need to do it alone.


Handing over your worries and replacing them with peace of mind as your child’s face lights up each week as they join our online group, smiling, chatting away and having fun learning about themselves and their emotions. 

Our Connected Kids Workshop is the solution!

Our 4 week workshop is perfect blend of mindset, skills, and strategies tailored to your child’s needs.

Kids do better, when they know how to…

In just 4 weeks, witness the remarkable transformation of your child as we guide them to rediscover their inner confidence  and navigate friendship challenges with grace and calmness.

Sounds perfect right?


Our coaches TEACH YOUR KIDS the exact skills and strategies to help them become a happy, calm and confident child.

This learning has a profound impact on your child’s life.

These are the skills for life that will set them up to grow into adulthood with true resilience, able to navigate the stresses of life, to lead with confidence and build positive relationships.


How does it work ONLINE?

It is super simple and really effective – it’s 4 group sessions online via Zoom. Our sessions are live and interactive so kids enjoy it. The kids talk with their coach and each other, they play games and do activities together and since it is such a small group everyone is seen and heard.

Our groups are capped at 5 kids per group.

Kids can move about, eat a snack and feel comfortable in their own environment.  If your child is shy- no problem, let us know and we know exactly how to help them feel at ease!

Our family friendly, convenient ONLINE sessions mean… no need to drive anywhere, you can sit with your child or do your own thing in the background. 

Anger Management for kids


4 Weekly LIVE & interactive small group sessions with expert Children's' Emotional Wellbeing Coach

Comprehensive Handbook with all worksheets & activities

Digital Posters and Resources to use over and over again

Informative weekly Recap for Parents

Messenger (or email) communication on demand (reply within 48hrs)

Access to our highly supportive FB Community for parents (priceless)