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Effective Anger Management Tools & Strategies – Workshop for kind & caring Kids who are easily angered when things don’t go to plan

Let us empower your child with real-life skills to achieve emotional resilience 
and get a better handle on emotions.

Unlock the power within your child to conquer anger and cultivate calm

Enrolments may be closed for now, but our standby list is open and ready for you! Join our list and we’ll keep you posted on future opportunities so you’re first to know when they open again.

Anger Management for kids

Remember a time when when your child was a little one


life was peaceful?

You dreamed of a happy family, Sunday mornings sipping your coffee while the kids play sweetly together. 


Instead, you find yourself walking on egg-shells in your own home,

bracing yourself for the next spicy outburst from your child


They lash out at the slightest hint of frustration

or become defiant at simple requests


Doing homework instigates a WWIII battle,

and asking them to get off their screen ends up in fireworks (except it’s NOT pretty)…

And as for playing sweetly, they can’t even play a game of Uno without tears and tantrums.


You’ve tried bribery, cajoling and even punishments,


but the growling and door slamming hasn’t budged.

What if I told you that this parenting journey CAN be as peaceful as you always imagined.

You know there is a better way forward for your kiddo…

All they need, is to learn effective anger management tools & strategies!

Let’s see if I’ve got it right…

✅ You are a dedicated mama who wholeheartedly believes in your child’s kind heart, even when their big emotions become a challenge

All you’re longing for is a peaceful, harmonious home where understanding and love replace constant fights

✅ You’ve decided it is time to empower your child with the essential knowledge and skills they need to let their sweet, loving nature shine through.

I understand that you’ve read the parenting books, you’ve listened to “the experts” and tried to strike the perfect balance between boundaries and connection.

Yet, here you are still questioning is any of it even sinking in?

You just want something that REALLY works for your child.

Let’s be honest, kid’s emotions can sometimes feel like a rollercoaster, leaving you unsure of what to say or do to truly lift them out of their grump and bring back their happiness.


But your child’s anger feels like a dirty little secret, you don’t want anyone else to see!

The idea of embarking on another parenting course or listening to yet another parenting expert feels like trudging through an endless maze, where every turn leads to more confusion and exhaustion. I get it. You feel awkward, embarrassed by your child’s behaviour, and exhausted from feeling like nothing works & you’re out there doing it all on your own.

You wish it was easier! 


Here’s the thing: our approach is different! We truly understand what you’re going through. We’re not here to lecture you with more theories.

We work with YOUR CHILD.

Scroll this way for the answer to your wish…

An ONLINE workshop for your child from the convenience of your home!

Connected Kids

Group Coaching Workshop 

Happy, Calm, Confident Kids

  for children aged 6-16

Empowering children with skills

to navigate life with calm confidence.


Ready for your child to build
true confidence and feel in control of their feelings?

Or keep reading for more information…

“He loves it! It’s given him tools for life. CONNECTED KIDS WORKSHOP

-Belinda S

This Connected Kids Workshop is specifically designed for kind hearted, sensitive kids who feel overwhelmed by their big feelings.  

It is an engaging and interactive program that equips children with the necessary skills to effectively manage their anger.

We teach your sensitive kiddo the EXACT skills & effective strategies they need to turn anger into a force for good, like a superhero unleashing their powers.

Expertly guided by our qualified coaches, your child will :

✅Understand and manage their emotions,

✅Learn strategies to feel calmer and happier  &

✅ Communicate better with family, peers and teachers.

What will they learn?

Throughout the workshop your child will :
Recognise their unique Anger triggers so they know how to handle them & communicate calmly what they need (or want)

Identify early warning signs so they can prevent the explosion  

Practice self-calming techniques have a tool-kit of strategies to use at home, at school and for life

Develop a plan of action so they feel confident in their ability to cope with challenges instead of falling apart.

Kids do better, when they know how to...

How does it work ONLINE?

It is super simple and really effective – it’s 4 small group sessions online via Zoom. Our sessions are live and interactive so kids enjoy it. The kids talk with their coach and each other, they play games and do activities together and since it is such a small group everyone is seen and heard.

Kids can move about, eat a snack and feel comfortable in their own environment.  If your child is shy- no problem, let us know and we know exactly how to help them feel at ease! And the best part for you… no need to drive anywhere, you can sit with your child or do your own thing in the background. 

No child WANTS to be angry...

Connected Kids Workshop

LIVE online coaching program for kids

Gives you access to dedicated, premium quality emotional and self regulation coaching for your child that is effective, convenient & affordable!


“I’m so glad we found you! Thanks for always being there for our girl, it’s been our saving grace!”

Anger Management for kids

This is for you:

Listen mama…

»» This CAN & WILL make all the difference.

You don’t have to feel frustrated, unprepared or overwhelmed any more.

»» We take away all the uncertainty, so your child receives the exact coaching in skills they need in precisely the right way to suit their gentle nature.

And the best part? You don’t need to do it alone.


Handing over your worries and replacing them with peace of mind as your child’s face lights up each week as they join our online group, smiling, chatting away and having fun learning about themselves and their emotions. 

Our transformational small-group anger workshop is ideal for kids aged 6-16.

Led by highly experienced teachers and children’s emotional well-being coaches,
over 10 weekly sessions, children are taught proven skills and strategies
to build better emotional regulation so they live a happier, calmer, more confident life.

Anger is a powerful emotion that can lead to serious problems if left unmanaged.

We  encourage your child to look at the way they approach anger and manage difficult situations helping your child to become more self-aware and confident.

Your child might actually be super sensitive where upsets quickly turn to anger because of internal emotional instability. Perhaps they are so highly strung that the slightest mishap or conflict sends them into a rage.

Anger is very often caused by a combination of other emotions.

If your child struggles with emotions, they may try to hide the feelings hoping that they will go away. But we all know it doesn’t just disappear…

We teach kids to recognise emotions, understand them and calmly let them out before anger takes over.

Dealing with an angry child can feel frustrating and exhausting,

Our experienced coaches are here to expertly guide & support your child!

Join our community of dedicated mamas like yourself who are ready to embrace a new approach —one that brings back a home filled with love and understanding, creating harmony in your parent-child relationship and bringing peace to your child’s life.

It’s time to let go of the parenting guilt and embark on a journey of growth and connection. You’re not alone, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

With results like these,

“Georgia is more aware of her emotions. She now has a tool to use now which is amazing.”

“I saw tonight he stopped himself from getting angry with sister, and walked away talking to himself … an amazing step for him. I was so excited!” 

” He now has the confidence to self regulate his emotions. It has really helped.”

It’s No Wonder Parents and Kids

Love their Connected Kids Workshop Experience!

Truth Time

Anger doesn’t just disappear.  Kids have to learn HOW to deal with it.

And that doesn’t mean shoving it aside or masking it. You’re not alone in thinking that teaching our kids how to manage emotions is really hard. With our own kids it is really hard! Especially, if you get overwhelmed with your own feelings (because you were likely, never really shown how to handle them yourself) or you if don’t even know where to start.

You try disciplining the kids with rules, but that just makes them rebel or become defiant, You try connecting with them, but the rudeness and snark doesn’t stop. You wonder how do you even respond to them when they are in a foul mood.

Banning the ipad is just as much punishment for you as it is for them – and it doesn’t change anything! If you’re like most of the women I work with, you’re an AMAZING parent.

You’ve raised a beautiful, kind, sensitive child by being present and purposeful in your parenting. You want to raise your child to be the best they can, help them to become responsible and compassionate and to enjoy this parenting journey, right? 

But the reality is:

Your kids won’t just suddenly become calm and peaceful by YOU listening to a podcast.

You can’t just say a few encouraging words, print out a poster and hope that a magical halo will suddenly appear above your child’s head.


Well has any of the parenting advice worked so far?

Probably, if you’re reading this, the answer is “No, it hasn’t. Kaz, we NEED something that actually works!.

Anger isn’t inherently bad; it’s a natural and valid emotion that we all experience at times. Anger can be a helpful emotion for children when channeled and understood appropriately.

But right now, when you’re in the midst of it, it probably feels like anger has taken over your kiddo, they probably feel overwhelmed and you feel overwhelmed too. You’ll know if it’s time… It’s getting outta control and you know things need to change…


And that’s where I come in. I’m here to reassure you that under all that huffing and puffing, your sweet kiddo is still there.

With a few strategic & simple tweaks to develop their emotional understanding and by teaching them practical & effective strategies, we’ll be able to show them that they CAN master their emotions (even the tricky ones) and restore a sense of calm.

Our Connected Kids Workshop is the solution!

Our 4 week workshop is perfect blend of mindset, skills, and strategies tailored to your child’s needs.

Kids do better, when they know how to…

In just 4 weeks, witness the remarkable transformation of your child as we guide them to rediscover their inner happiness and navigate life’s challenges with grace and calmness.

Sounds perfect right?


Our coaches TEACH YOUR KIDS the exact skills and strategies to help them become a happy, calm and confident child.

This learning has a profound impact on your child’s life.

These are the skills for life that will set them up to grow into adulthood with true resilience, able to navigate the stresses of life, to lead with confidence and build positive relationships.


Ready to watch as your child discovers the path to harmony and happiness by developing self-awareness and mastering a toolbox of strategies they can confidently rely on?

Would you like your child to:


Understand why they have these feelings


Recognise their own unique triggers and early warning signs


Build better Emotional Regulation


Develop a Plan To Deal With Frustrations before Anger takes over


Practice self-calming techniques


Communicate their feelings and needs effectively

This is exactly what your child Learns when you Enrol them

Essential Element 1:

What is anger & frustration


  • Befriending Anger as a useful emotion so it doesn’t feel so big and scary
  • Learn that anger is completely normal and understand the biological reasons us humans feel anger and frustration
  • Uncover how our response to anger develops as they grow so they feel ready to embark on emotional regulation
  • Identify how anger feels in their body so they recognise signals way before firing up

Essential Element 2:

Why we get frustrated​


  • Demystify what happens in our brains when anger sets in so they become a brain boss!
  • Investigate their unique set of triggers, so they are one step ahead of anger
  • Learn about the different levels of frustration and interrupt the anger circuit 



Essential Element 3:

Accepting all emotions


  • Understanding 4 categories of emotions so they can calmly communicate what they feel inside
  • Distinguish between the emotion and behaviour to be able to respond instead of reacting
  • Develop empathy & better perspective taking skills which improves relationships with siblings, peers and parents
  • Learning 2 strategies for expressing emotions & communicating needs effectively so they feel understood and validated

Essential Element 4:

Letting go


  • Create an idividualised strategic plan for managing emotions with confidence
  • Build conflict resolution skills to be able to respectfully disagree or negotiate
  • Create a self calming menu to choose from in a variety of situations at school, home and out and about
  • Learning effective strategies to self soothe their nervous system to maintain calm even in the hustle and bustle of life.


4 Weekly LIVE & interactive small group sessions with expert Children's' Emotional Wellbeing Coach

Comprehensive Handbook with all worksheets & activities

Digital Posters and Resources to use over and over again

Informative weekly Recap for Parents

Messenger (or email) communication on demand (reply within 48hrs)

Access to our highly supportive FB Community for parents (priceless)

Look at the results:

Read our reviews

In this Connected Kids Workshop your child will :

Develop positive self belief & compassionate self talk - to stop being so hard on themselves

Build confidence to take on challenges with perseverance and celebrate their personal achievements

Improve behaviour and decrease anger & frustration as they learn to understand, manage and communicate emotions effectively

Feel calmer and better equipped to handle the ups and downs of school, friendships and life.

If you’re like most of the women I work with, you’re an AMAZING parent.

You’ve raised a beautiful, kind, gentle-natured child by being present and caring in your parenting. You want to raise your child to keep their kindness and help them to
become confident so they grow to be the best they can be
& you can relax and enjoy this parenting journey, right?

   Jamie’s story

Miranda’s story

Before working together, Jo was deeply concerned about her daughter Miranda’s self-critical nature and volatile anger. Despite Miranda’s well-behaved demeanour at school, her behaviour at home was troubling.

She was very loving, affectionate and empathetic to others but she had a short fuse! When she got angry – she had a mean streak!

People often commented on how polite and kind she was. But Miranda’s little secret was that when she got home from school, she would unleash such a mean, angry side. Miranda had absolutely no patience with her sister. She would scream at her parents and the slightest mishap would send her off the deep end.  Jo was starting to worry that something serious was going on with Miranda. She knew something had to change, this wasn’t how she raised her sweet daughter to be!

When Miranda joined our workshop she told us that she had a good group of friends, but some unkind words from kids in the playground and losing in soccer had made her feel overwhelmed with ANGER. She discovered this was a trigger for her. Usually, it would build up inside of her at school then she would come home grumpy and want to just watch Youtube sulking all afternoon.

With our support, Miranda learned the language to be able to articulate how she was feeling, she became more assertive at school and learned to communicate better with her mum. She found solace in connecting with other children her age, hearing their experiences and realizing she wasn’t a “bad kid.” Miranda gained invaluable self-awareness and strategies to manage her anger, such as playing with her dog or listening to music, enabling her to transform overwhelming feelings into calm confidence.

In just one term of our Connected Kids Workshop, Miranda experienced a profound shift. She began to understand the impact of her anger on others, forging a stronger relationship with her parents and sister. Jo was amazed at Miranda’s willingness to embrace the new strategies and use them at school and home. Game nights and a happier atmosphere now grace their family time, a testament to Miranda’s growth and resilience. Through self-awareness, effective communication, and a supportive community, Miranda rewrote her story and found renewed joy in life.

How does a Connected Kids Workshop work?

Dedicated Coaching

Your child attends a 30 min LIVE online, group session each week with their dedicated Children’s Emotional Well-Being Coach.

We teach practical, proven strategies to your child based on positive psychology principles using teaching methods so your child enjoys and retains their learning.

Children have the opportunity to practice their learning in a supportive group and refine their skills to build confidence before using them in the real world.

Age Specific Groups

Our program is suitable for kids aged 6- 16 with specific age groups: 6-8, 9-12, and Teens.

Our skills based program is developmentally appropriate for each age group which means little ones are entertained by our puppets & songs and the big kids enjoy video clips, texts and chats.

Kid Friendly Relevant Topics

Monthly modules include:

  • Understanding Anxiety & Tools to manage
  • Frustration & Anger- Calming the Storm
  • Making & Keeping Quality Friendships 
  • Communicating Effectively & Assertively
  • Marvellous Mistakes – overcoming Self Doubt and Perfectionism
  • And more…

Small Groups

Our groups are capped at a maximum of 6 children per group.

Your child will have a support network of other similar aged, like-minded children who share experiences and friendship together. Each child is seen and heard in our interactive workshop. We work gently with the children so they feel comfortable and we move at their pace.

Live Video Calls

Our Zoom video calls are easy, effective & convenient!

Your child feels comfortable in their space where everyone can join in and interact together & you don’t need to travel anywhere. The kids talk with their coach and each other, they play games and do activities together and everyone is celebrated as they are.

Support for Parents

You are always welcome to join your child on the call, or if you prefer listen in from the background or your child can join us independently.

Parents receive ongoing dedicated support :

  • Open and responsive communication,
  • A private community of other supportive parents,
  • Masterclasses and Q+As to join live or watch at your convenience,
  • Access to personalised expert advice, videos and downloadable resources that are ready and easy to implement!!

Here’s the details…

Choose your preferred session
Convenient & Easy

You choose your preferred time and day to fit with your family schedule.

We have a range of times and days for each age group to suit locations across Australia (and beyond)

You won’t need to drive anywhere, just access from the comfort of your own home – so you can listen along or get on with cooking dinner. 

Before we start
First we'll get to know your child

You’ll receive a questionnaire to tell us about your child, what’s great about them and exactly where your concerns are.

Then we’ll set you up on Zoom, they can use an iPad (tablet) or PC. 

We’ll show your child how to use all the drawing, viewing and chat functions to get the most from our Zoom calls. 

Weekly Sessions
Each week we will meet online as a group to teach, chat & play. Learning in an engaging format.

Anger & Frustration Module
– recognise triggers
– learn how the brain works
– understand emotions
– communicate emotions effectively

Self calming & soothing 
– develop calming strategies
– learn strategies to manage emotions
– create a toolbox of skills to self regulate & soothe nervous system


Practice & Reinforcing Learning
You'll belong to our small close-knit FB group and messenger group for parents

We will communicate with you what your child is learning and provide resources for you to keep.

We provide optional suggestions for you to reinforce learning at home.

You are welcome to communicate with us 24/7 any questions, feedback and we ABSOLUTELY love hearing about the wins you’ll see!


Continued Support
We're here for you and your child!

You have on-demand access to the learning modules your child has participated in learning at home.

Connected Kids Academy is an on-going paid program that you are welcome to join & stay in for as long as you like after the initial term (some families stay for 1 term, others love it so much they have been with us for years).


Plus FREE Bonuses


All resources available for downloading & printing


24/7 communication available with prompt responses (within business hours)


A supportive community of likeminded parents and kids

The groups that Kaz runs with my daughter have been one of the best things we have done. My daughter only wanted to try one session and then see how she went. That one session was all it took for my daughter to feel comfortable.

It’s lovely hearing her open up and chatting to other members with what’s bothering her. Things that in the past would just build up and then she would have a massive meltdown.

These sessions are worth their weight in gold!!!


I thought I had tried everything and in my view it wasn’t working. I needed validation that what he experiences is completely normal, that he’s not alone in this.

I was looking for some strategies and plans, the tips and tricks and tools ended up being very helpful for me to know because then I could say “remember what Kaz said or showed you, she said… why don’t we practice that tool together”.

I really liked the idea of being able to do it over zoom rather than having to travel, living in a regional town, the Zoom format sold it for me.

He bounces around and says “Tomorrow I’ve got Kaz”. It’s very positive. There’s only been good things really.

I don’t have sleepless nights any more, I’m not constantly researching. There’s a lot more peace of mind and you can’t really put a price on that kind of thing.


I was worried at his confidence at school, I didn’t want it to reach the point of him not wanting to go.

I love that Kaz goes through all the emotions with the kids, that it’s not just about being happy, she explains them all and lets them know they are all ok.

The kids love doing the activities! They are so engaged when they do the games and activities.

This has made a massive difference to my boy, everything is coming together and he can express himself.


With all this you’re probably wondering

“Ok, so what’s my investment?”

Investing in your child’s Emotional Development pays huge dividends into their future.

The difference it makes to you, to your family, to the rest of the world and most importantly your child,  – you set them on the path to live the life they want!

This workshop is exactly what I teach my private 1:1 clients and my own children, plus your child gets the support of the amazing group of likeminded kids sharing their own experiences in a safe supportive space, growing alongside them, cheering each other on along the way, which is priceless. 

And when you weigh all that against the investment and what it will do for your child and their future, then it’s an easy choice.

So if you are ready to commit to dedicated support

Let’s get started!

Enrolments may be closed for now, but our standby list is open and ready for you! Join our list and we’ll keep you posted on future opportunities so you’re first to know when they open again.

4 Week Kid’s Workshop


Live & Online

I saw tonight he stopped himself from getting angry with sister, and walked away talking to himself … an amazing step for him. I was so excited!


Evan has made some great progress with things we as parents often take for granted. He now has the confidence to self regulate his emotions. Would definitely recommend Karen. 


It has really helped, I’m not getting the usual grumpy one worded answer anymore. I’ve also found the stop name your feeling has really helped with my daughter and she’s not chucking a tantrum if something goes wrong.


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