For parents raising sensitive children



   Watch your child blossom with kind, calm confidence.

Hey lovely Mama, I get it…

Raising an emotionally sensitive child is a blessing, but let’s face it, it also comes with challenges. 

We can empower your tender hearted child with Emotional Resilience & Confidence with our program that teaches the specific skills & strategies to thrive at school, home and throughout life.

If your child

  •  watches life from the side-lines, holding back from enjoying life because of fear, worry and anxiety
  • is a perfectionist & really hard on themselves, with impossibly high expectations often leaving them feeling frustrated and despondent
  • is so shy that they get dominated by peers, find it hard to make new friends and don’t speak up when they need to

And you would love your child to…

  • get control of anxiety so they can enjoy life- learning to understand,  communicate and manage feelings
  • build confidence to take on challenges with perseverance and celebrate personal achievements
  • feel calmer and better equipped to handle the ups and downs of school, friendships and life


Firstly, drop the mum guilt – as a classroom teacher

for nearly 20 years, I can tell you, you are definitely not



While teaching, I saw a massive need for children to be taught how to cope with the ups and downs of life and handle situations confidently.

I saw caring parents, just like you, wanting the best for their kids but feeling overwhelmed by their kids’ social and emotional needs.

If you’re nodding along as you scroll,

the good news is that your kiddo likely needs some support to develop a few core skills (self-belief, resilience, assertiveness and emotional regulation)– to make all of your lives easier!

Ready to be the parent who nurtures happiness in your kids?

Grab your compass and choose your child’s journey!

Follow the success map.



Explore Services

Connected Kids

4 Week Program – Setting the foundation


  • Quick boost to self belief
  • Learn about emotional resilience
  • Foundational skills and strategies
  • Face to face or online format
  • Small groups
  • 4 week program



Connected Kids Academy –

Where the magic happens

  • Support with implementation of skills & strategies
  • Maintenance of learning
  • Develop lifelong emotional resilience & well-being
  • Online format
  • Small groups 
  • Ongoing weekly support


Emotional Coaching

1 on 1 support


Individual personalised 1 on 1 program to address your child’s specific social and/ or emotional needs. Guiding your child back to their true, powerful essence. Equipping your child with emotional well-being support amid the myriad of pressures in today’s world.



Raising Connected Kids has truly helped my girl find her sparkle.

She now enjoys going to school, has her own friends that contact her out of school, has the confidence to join after school clubs and will talk to me and acknowledge that her emotions and actions have an impact on those around her.

I was really worried how she would get on this year her first year of high school but the confidence she has gained working with Kaz has made the transition to high school and the start of her teenage years happier than expected.


Karen has been warm and welcoming in all aspects of our journey.

She has a great rapport with my son and his group, and I have noticed my son repeating techniques discussed in group activities.

Would definitely recommend for any parent wanting to support their child through their early years.

Michelle S

My five year old daughter loves the days that she gets to have her online meetings with Karen.

She is engaged and uses the skills that she learns in her classes when dealing with her siblings and friends.

The sessions for my eight year old boy have helped him to understand how to better negotiate with others.

He now has skills to advocate for himself in situations such as group work at school that might have previously resulted in meltdowns.

Best of all, he looks forward to his sessions with Karen and feels like a valuable member of the group

Michelle K

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