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Our popular Connected Kids Academy monthly membership guides children to become their best.  We understand your child, embracing their true, powerful essence and help them become happy, calm and confident. You’ll see powerful shifts in your family dynamics from the child up, making parenting easier and life feel smoother. 

Membership gives your child access to ongoing emotional and self regulation group coaching with qualified & experienced Children’s Emotional Well-being Coaches.

Your child will attend LIVE online workshops every week, as we work together so they learn, practice & refine practical life skills in interactive activities.

Monthly modules include:

  • Understanding Anxiety & Tools to manage
  • Frustration & Anger- Calming the storm
  • Making Quality Friendships 
  • Communicating Effectively & Assertively
  • Marvellous Mistakes – overcoming Self Doubt and Perfectionism
  • And more…

Parents are provided with ongoing dedicated support :

Masterclasses and Q+A sessions,

access to personalised expert advice, videos and downloadable resources that are ready and easy to implement EVERY MONTH!!

The groups that Kaz runs with my daughter have been one of the best things we have done. My daughter only wanted to try one session and then see how she went. That one session was all it took for my daughter to feel comfortable.

It’s lovely hearing her open up and chatting to other members with what’s bothering her. Things that in the past would just build up and then she would have a massive meltdown.

These sessions are worth their weight in gold!!!


I thought I had tried everything and in my view it wasn’t working. I needed validation that what he experiences is completely normal, that he’s not alone in this.

I was looking for some strategies and plans, the tips and tricks and tools ended up being very helpful for me to know because then I could say “remember what Kaz said or showed you, she said… why don’t we practice that tool together”.

I really liked the idea of being able to do it over zoom rather than having to travel, living in a regional town, the Zoom format sold it for me.

He bounces around and says “Tomorrow I’ve got Kaz”. It’s very positive. There’s only been good things really.

I don’t have sleepless nights any more, I’m not constantly researching. There’s a lot more peace of mind and you can’t really put a price on that kind of thing.


I was worried at his confidence at school, I didn’t want it to reach the point of him not wanting to go.

I love that Kaz goes through all the emotions with the kids, that it’s not just about being happy, she explains them all and lets them know they are all ok.

The kids love doing the activities! They are so engaged when they do the games and activities.

This has made a massive difference to my boy, everything is coming together and he can express himself.


Wondering if our Connected Kids Academy is the right fit for your family?

Our membership is for you if you:

Want to know you’ve done everything you can to raise your kids to be the happiest versions of themselves

Want to know you’ve done everything you can to raise your kids to be the happiest versions of themselves

Have a gorgeous gentle, child with a big heart, and can’t bear the thought of her feeling overlooked or lost in the background

Aren’t quite sure whether you can face yet another after-school activity – yet you know some skilled nurturing is just what your kids need

Read the parenting books (or at least, skim the important bits) and listen to the podcasts – yet still worry whether you’re 100% equipped to best support your kids’ emotional well-being with all the pressures in today’s world.

Inside Connected Kids Academy, your child will attend LIVE online weekly sessions where we will:

teach practical, proven strategies,

your child will practice skills in interactive activities,

and implement their new knowledge into real life situations .

And you will feel supported with access to ongoing dedicated parent support.


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