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Empowering kids with Self Confidence & Emotional Resilience
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Happy - Calm - Confident Kids

Empowering children with true self confidence & emotional resilience so they navigate school, home & life with ease!


Our range of Connected Kids programs are designed for children who experience:



Anger & Frustration,

Friendship and Social difficulties,

Trouble managing emotions or



Watch your child blossom with confidence!

Parents & kids

love our effective, engaging program!


I see you, mama…

You love your sensitive babe to the moon and back, but sometimes after a day of dealing with confusing or difficult behaviours, you’re so overwhelmed that even your hair feels tired. You know life should be easier for your sweet kiddo. If you’re ready for them to manage emotions and feel happier.

The solution is here…

 Let’s empower your sweet child with emotional resilience!

We combine education and psychology to teach your child the specific SKILLS and STRATEGIES to make friendships, school & life easier to navigate. We help children develop self awareness & understand and manage their emotions, bringing happiness and calm, confidence.


Courses and Coaching programs for children aged

4 years old to teens.

Connected Kids Workshops – Setting the foundations


  • Small group short courses
  • 4 weeks
  • Foundational skills and strategies & Targeted Workshops
  • Live Online weekly sessions with our experienced Children’s Well-being Coaches


 Connected Kids Academy – Where the magic happens


  • Small groups 
  • Ongoing Term program – weekly sessions
  • Building and Refining social emotional skills & strategies
  • Support and Implementation of concepts
  • Friendships and Peer Support from likeminded children
  • Online Live weekly sessions with our experienced Children’s Well-being Coaches 


1:1 Emotional Coaching


Individual personalised 1 on 1 program to address your child’s specific social and/ or emotional needs. We teach simple yet powerful techniques and provide dedicated support to achieve outcomes you’re looking for. Equipping your child with emotional well-being  amid the myriad of pressures in today’s world.

Hi, I’m Kaz,

Founder of Raising Connected Kids

If you dream of being the kind of mama who guides her babes to navigate the stresses of friendship dramas and school worries with knowledge and compassion… but are often so bogged down in all of the things, that you never find the space then, you’re in the right place.

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My daughter has attended two sets of Karen’s workshops and uses the techniques she learnt daily (particularly to help focus and work through tough/big emotions). Her ability to communicate her emotions has improved dramatically, thus lowering the amount of meltdowns she can experience. The ongoing support from Karen has also been amazing and truly appreciated by our family.


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